From well to unwell

In our community home in Ashdod, Daveen’s mother asked me to come check on Daveen. She has been coughing a lot the last couple of days. I checked her saturation, heartrate and temperature. The saturation was lower than normal and Daveen seemed to have trouble breathing. I asked the opinion of my coworker Hison, who is a doctor. He decided to check the oxygen a little bit longer. And the longer we waited, the lower the oxygen got. Daveen’s fingertips became blue.

We decided to call an ambulance. Daveen was brought to the Pediatric ER of Sheba Hospital. After a couple of hours, she was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia. She developed a high fever in the ER as well. The doctors will take a close look at her these next days and Daveen will receive antibiotics to treat the pneumonia.

Daveen’s mother was really strong, but it was overwhelming for her to see her daughter first doing okay and in twenty minute’s time, doing not well at all. But I see God’s hand in these situations. I could’ve easily said that it’s all fine, or that we would check in on her later again because probably it’s just a cold. But God gave me the feeling there was more going on. Praise Him for taking care of Daveen.