Full of joy

Leen warmly greeted me this morning with a hug and said, “Morning!” She was dressed in a beautiful red and white polka-dot dress, ready and eager to travel to her ophthalmology appointment today. Her mother mentioned how Leen has been waiting for this appointment for more than a year. She was hoping to have Strabismus Surgery last year, but it was delayed.

Today Leen was finally able to see an eye doctor and undergo various tests. Throughout the day, God provided different people to help with translation and even company for Leen. It was lovely to see neighbors helping each other. She will have more appointments with neurology and ophthalmology, with the hope that she will be cleared for Strabismus Surgery in both eyes.

Leen and her mother were both a joy to spend time with. Her mother has a beautiful, kind, generous, and grateful heart. She would sacrifice everything or stay for however long, all for her daughter to be well. Leen is so full of curiosity and joy. We enjoyed playing together in the hot air balloon and playing with various balloons in the hospital. They both have been a blessing to our community. Please continue to pray for Leen as she waits for these appointments. I hope that her joy will continue to multiply.