Full of Life

Visiting Hassan was probably the best thing of my hospital day today. He is so full of life, so active, constantly moving and clapping and talking. He really enjoyed the songs Helen was singing, swaying back and forth with the rhythm.

After his CT scan last week he had been moved from the 6th floor to the secondary ICU. The nurse said that she is very happy about him, as he has improved a lot since then. His oxygen went from 60% to almost 90%. And the nasty wound on his foot is decreasing more and more. When I saw him two days ago he was quite upset as he was constantly coughing. He almost couldn’t draw breath. Nevertheless I knew that it was  good as it helped to free his lungs.

I was just thinking of this song were it says:

“You breathe your life into my lungs
You bring to life these dry bones
I’m coming alive”

God I thank you so much that Hassan is so full of life despite his sickness! Please continue what you’ve been doing and give this energy also to his lovely aunt who is very exhausted as she is always standing next to his bed.