Full of life


Ahmed is full of life. He never stops moving and never stops exploring. Simply sitting in the stroller or in his designated bed in the cardiac unit was not sufficient for his abundant energy. Today he was very active, which was a good sign. Yesterday, the x-ray revealed that he had fluid in his lungs. The doctors started a medication to help decrease this fluid, and today the x-ray showed that he was responsive to this treatment. After a blood test, Ahmed was cleared to return to the Shevet Achim house in Jaffa.

Ahmed’s mother was thankful and excited for this news, especially for the improvement of her son. During the waiting for the report, Ahmed and his mother, ventured to the various markets located in the hospital. He loved seeing all the various colors, items, and exploring the various parts of the hospital.

At last he finally waved goodbye to the hospital. Ahmed is now reunited with the other families at the Jaffa Center.

May we all continue to keep finding joy in the little beauties of life, to live fully, and to respond to all circumstances with thanks. What does it mean to be full of life? And are we all living our lives to the fullest? We give thanks to our God, the giver of life.