Full of life

Today was Salwa’s first echo since being discharged. I have had recurring moments of gratefulness to God nearly every time I see Salwa that she is ALIVE. After all the horrible days on the ECMO, and after so much prayer, little Salwa is alive, at our home in Jaffa, and doing really well. She is smiling, drinking milk, crying a little, happy to be held, and overall seems like she is developing so well. It is wonderful to see this and be a part of it.

Salwa’s mother is happily busying herself with her pals at the house, and it’s good to see her in her element; cooking and making the house clean, sitting and chatting, laughing, practicing her English, and enjoying phone calls home to her husband and children in Kurdistan.

We have been out a few times to the park and the beach all together. Salwa’s mother is a changed woman since being discharged from hospital, and settled back into our community home.

Salwa has a little bit of a complicated medicine regime, as it involves some inhalations; her mother has risen expertly to the task, and has learnt how to use this machine quickly, and is always diligent and punctual.

Today at Sheba hospital, the doctor told us that Salwa’s heart is looking good, but that she shouldn’t yet return to Kurdistan. It’s better to wait for another echo in two week’s time to see then if she is in a good enough condition to return home.

Salwa’s mother also made a point to go back to the ward where she had been discharged from. This is quite unusual for parents to ask to go back and see the staff, so I think this was quite special. At the time of being in the hospital, Salwa’s mother had been very afraid. Now she wanted to be able to share the joy of having a healthy baby with a particular doctor who had been very kind to her. As it turned out, the doctor was not there today, so she was unable to see her and get a photo together. We are hopeful for next time.

Salwa and her mother have gone over to our guesthouse in Jerusalem for the night tonight, with the mothers of Khanda and Maili, so they can take in all the sights tomorrow. Please pray for a rich and blessed time for them in Jerusalem!