Fun day for Arya

Arya finally had his hearing test today at Sheba Hospital. While waiting for his appointment I had a lot of fun with him and he was constantly seeking my attention. Also the hearing test was a lot of fun for him. I heard him laughing from outside of the room most of the time. Only the headphones he didn’t like.

Once the hearing test was done, the lady doing the test told me that Arya’s ear infection has influenced his hearing on the right ear a little. In a surgery they want to fix this by widening the canal between the ears and the nose. Before that, he will have another appointment with the doctor.

It was a fun day for Arya and once we were finished with his appointment, he played for the rest of the time together with the other children on the hospital playground.

Thank God Arya’s hearing is not that badly influenced by the infection and he’s still able to hear. Let’s pray that everything goes well in the future and that his hearing doesn’t get worse.