First Exams for Timid Gashbin

Gashbin was really nervous at the time of her first echocardiogram at the hospital today. She has a very sweet mother who takes care of her all the time. Maybe she is a little spoiled because of many years suffering from this heart disease.  

The doctors found that they’ll need to do a diagnostic catheterization to study Gashbin’s heart further. It may be possible to help her by simply dilating the pulmonary artery or putting in a stent; otherwise she may need a major surgery. 

I really prayed all the time today that Gashbin will be calm and relaxed. Every time we mentioned the word cath or surgery she began to cry more. I tried to make her happy, telling her stories or just asking questions about her school and friends back home in Kurdistan.

The mother was very supportive. Finally we were told they she was going to have the cath tomorrow so she will be admitted  today later in the afternoon.

In the waiting time we took all the children to the music room and they had just a great time, Gashbin forgot about the cath and loved to paint with Diana (pictured above). 

We really need your prayers for tomorrow’s cath so Gashbin is quiet and calm. 

Now they are in their room resting.