Genetic test result pending

This small baby Wateen was mis-diagnosed as CoA (Coarctation of Aorta) in the previous hospital, and Hadassah hospital’s staff examined her but NO heart anomaly except mild valve regurgitation was found.  I was very curious why this weird phenomenon happened.  I thought, could a severe CoA suddenly disappear just in one day after transfer from Gaza? It is possible the staff training and equipment in the Gaza hospital were inadequate and this must be difficult for the people of Gaza.

But while at Hadassah Hospital, it was discovered that Wateen’s urine contained enormous amounts of protein, mostly albumin, and she was losing a lot of albumin every second into her urine. That made low osmolality of her blood and it eventually restricted her blood volume enough to mimic Coarctation of Aorta. This is a possible theory but we don’t still know exactly why Wateen was misdiagnosed at that time.

Wateen’s blood sample has been sent to a genetic test lab and a few days more are needed to determine why she has this “Nephrotic Syndrome.” Please pray for our Lord’s mercy to keep Wateen from many obstacles.