Gentle and kind smile

Last week, Ibrahim and his mother stayed at the Jaffa Center. I immediately loved Ibrahim. He is so gentle, patient, and smart. His eyes are a soft chestnut hazel brown, and he is always receiving sensory information from the world through these beautiful eyes. We spent time together coloring and connecting the dots from an activity book. He is so intelligent and learns very quickly. His smile is so warm, and I love seeing him smile.

Today he was scheduled for an electrophysiology procedure. I searched for the electrophysiology department where Ibrahim had his procedure. It was in a different building than the typical pediatric building we are often in. I walked the various halls, and just as I was about to enter the correct floor, Ibrahim’s mother called out to me. I smiled and we reunited. The timing was absolutely perfect.

A doctor and transporter were transferring him back to the pediatric hospital building at that moment. I was so happy to see him. Ibrahim did not realize that I was there at first, but when we made eye contact, we were both smiling.

The mother explained that they had implanted a dual-chamber, implantable, cardioverter defibrillator to help pace his heart rate and control any abnormal rhythms.

Ibrahim is very gentle, and when he returned to the cardiac unit, the nurse mentioned that she loved him as well because he is so gentle. His eyes remind me of kindness.

Please pray for him as he recovers, and he is recovering well now. We hope that he will be able to return to his family soon.