Getting Help in Time

Dino had his first checkup today. He is such a champ! He was very calm and still during the entire procedure, which made it easy for the doctor to give us a very detailed report of what was going on inside his little heart. He has a condition called Truncus Arteriosus, or TA. In TA, the aorta is positioned in such a way that it is fed from both the left and right ventricles through a septal defect. This causes more blood to flow through the lungs than is normal. This extra blood flow causes changes in the lungs that reduce their ability to exchange oxygen and increases their resistance to blood flow.

If the TA is not fixed by the time the resistance in the lungs grows higher than the resistance in the body, no operation can help the child. But praise the Lord, it looks like our efforts and God’s grace have gotten little Dino here to the people who can help him quickly enough to give him a long and healthy life.

He has a difficult time ahead of him, and we pray that his healing would be complete, and that his mom would be comforted and strengthened through it all.