Getting Ready for a New Heart

After Shabbat we took our sweet Taman and his mom to the hospital to be admitted for surgery tomorrow. Mom was crying; she was so sad because her little boy is going to have a big procedure. So just before leaving home we prayed for them. He is going to be the first surgery tomorrow.

On our way to the hospital Taman was happy and singing with us. When we arrived, his uncle was waiting for us. He wanted to be here to translate to the mother. I went to get the stickers to the emergency room and finally we went to the ICU. One room was waiting for him. Thanks to the Lord the uncle made sure that the mother understood everything.

They performed blood test. In the beginning he cried a little bit but after he was happy and showed me his cannula. He is such a brave boy. Please pray for this beautiful boy, for a successful surgery and strength for his family.