Getting ready for surgery

Our sweet Hazhin had another echo today at Sheba. She slept peacefully before and after,

but let us know in no uncertain terms that she was not pleased with the echo process. Eventually she agreed to settle down as long as she was allowed to snuggle in her dad’s arms.

After the echo, the doctor sat with us and explained the problem in Hazhin’s heart and the surgical plan. Because she is now nearly two months old, it is best to do a two-stage surgical repair. Next week, she is scheduled for a surgery to place a band on her pulmonary artery, which will help strengthen her left ventricle. After a couple of weeks then, she will have the big surgery to switch her transposed aorta and pulmonary artery.

For now, Hazhin and her dad are back in our community home in Ashdod.The doctor has explained that it’s very important that Hazhin avoid contracting any viruses or infections before the surgery. Please pray that she will stay healthy and stable until her surgery next week.