Getting to know Dina

Dina’s first appointment at the hospital was today. It was good to be with her and her mum and start to get to know them a little.

Dina’s mother loves her a lot, is very capable with all things Dina, and knows a lot about Dina’s condition from the doctor in Kurdistan.

At Sheba hospital, Dina’s doctor today confirmed that there is a hole in Dina’s heart. He said that it looks to be what would be a straight forward surgery, however Dina is coming round to be one and a half years old, and having been without surgery, it has caused her to develop high blood pressure in her lungs.

Dina’s mum waited patiently and was in a happy mood for all the appointments today, greeting every one politely and with a very pleasant attitude. Nothing is a problem for her, including Dina’s blood test, which was difficult to do considering Dina’s tiny veins.

The assessment isn’t over; Dina will need to see the cleft palate team to assess her suitability for general anesthesia.  Please pray for her health as she waits for the next appointments.