Getting to know Lya

Sweet Lya had her first evaluation at Sheba hospital. She was eager to explore the clinic waiting room and was reluctant to leave the play area when it was time for her echo.

Lya was born with Williams Syndrome, a developmental disorder that often causes heart defects and deafness, both of which she has. Her pulmonary valve is severely narrowed, but her cardiologist expects that this can be repaired via catheterization and surgery is probably not necessary.

Throughout a long day full of exams, Lya was cheerful and happy to make friends with everyone she met. Even though she does not hear or speak much, she is very expressive and has no problem getting her point across. As she has just arrived from Kurdistan, this is the first time I’ve gotten to spend time with her, and I loved getting to know her sweet, independent personality.

By the end of the day, Lya had an ECG, blood test, x-ray, and two echoes, and was so tired out by the end that she slept right through her second echo and all the way home. The doctors will discuss her case and make a plan of treatment in the coming days.