Getting to know you

Today coworker Lena and I drove to Sheba Hospital to welcome sweet Mahmoud, two days old, and his lovely great aunt. We met her in the ICU in front of his room and took her to the waiting area, while Mahmoud got stabilized and had an Echo.

In the waiting time we talked a bit with his great aunt, we told her who we are, that we would visit her everyday and that there are a lot of other mothers from Gaza here whom she can spend her time with. Then she told us about Machmoud’s parents and that he is their firstborn. It must be hard and scary for your first child to need to go to a hospital in a strange country without you.

Since Machmoud is not attached to a ventilator, you can see his face really well and we could see that he was shaking. But his doctors already put a heat lamp over him and wrapped him in several blankets. Although we were able to meet with and talk with the doctor, we still have to wait for a final diagnosis. I am sure that the doctors and nurses will do their best to give our beautiful boy the treatment that he needs. Your prayers are appreciated.