Getting used to eating

Today coworker Joanne and I visited our little Kenan and his lovely mother at Sheba Hospital. He was sitting in a brand new bed which has a window view, so he was observing us through that. We had a really fun time together. While we were in his room, Kenan’s mother was also on a phone call with her husband, so Kenan tried to entertain all of us at the same time. He was giving high fives, shaking hands and always had a big smile on his face.

Later on we talked to his doctor. He said that they removed Kenan’s sonde just today and Kenan still have to get used to eating things again. But once this is no longer a problem, he can probably leave the hospital. Because Kenan has an EEG and an Echo, soon he and his mother will stay for a time in our house afterwards, which we are really looking forward to. They are just so lovely and kind!

Please pray that Kenan will get used to eating by himself again.