Glenn procedure reversed

Eva was taken into emergency surgery in Sheba Hospital early this morning to reverse her Glenn procedure that had been done the week before. The doctors had waited many days and tried different procedures to see if her body would respond to the Glenn, however there was too much pressure in her lungs, and her body was not getting enough oxygen. The doctors spoke together and decided the best course would be to reverse the Glenn and perform a shunt from her ventricle to the pulmonary artery, allowing more of her blood to be oxygenated and putting less pressure on her lungs. They were planning on inserting a permanent pacemaker, but had to wait on that until a future time.

The doctors were able to successfully reverse the Glenn procedure, however Eva was placed on ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) which does the job of her heart and oxygenates her blood. The doctors are hoping she only needs to be on ECMO for 4-5 days, and that this will give her heart and lungs time to rest and recover. God willing they will be able to wean her off the machines then.

Please continue to pray for Eva, she needs a miracle. Also pray for Eva’s mother, she is very weak, both physically and spiritually, she needs to be strong for Eva now. Pray also for us as we support Eva’s mother and Eva through this trying time.