God already knows the outcome

Yano had to be taken into the OR at Sheba Medical again today, due to fluid in her right lung, which was drained. When Yano was put on ECMO after surgery yesterday, three cannulas to the heart were placed. One became blocked with a blood clot and was removed today. The procedure to drain lung fluid and remove the blocked cannula took around three hours and was thankfully successful. Yano was taken back into the ICU after exiting the OR.

Yano is still at high risk and has arrhythmias that slowly stabilize. Her heart is still very weak, she will be on ECMO for at least another three to four days.

Yano’s mother was really calm during the surgery and also cried a bit. She is a wonderful mother and always so proud of her cute, smart Yano, but it was a really difficult waiting time for her because she didn’t know what the outcome would be for Yano. When I looked at her, this caring mother looked so sad and exhausted; I was glad when she ate something. I can just guess how she must feel, but I’m not the mother.

Please continue to pray for her that she might be able to know that God already knows the outcome of the whole situation and that he gives peace and strength in our difficult times. Your prayers for the precious little life of Yano are much needed and appreciated.