God always knew

When Co-worker Rachel and I arrived at Sheba hospital this morning, we were met by Rohat’s mother, absolutely exuding joy and insisting that we come see him right away.

The doctor in the ICU said they are very pleased with Rohat’s surgery and recovery, and they plan to extubate him soon. Rohat had an echo this morning, and his cardiologist says it looks pretty good and she wants to do another echo tomorrow.

“I prayed and prayed for this,” Rohat’s mom told us in Kurdish with tears of joy in her eyes.“Every day I prayed and I didn’t know what would happen and the doctors didn’t know and you didn’t know. But God knew, he always knew.”

Indeed, God has not forgotten little Rohat, and he never will.

We celebrated Rohat’s good outcome with a little bit of lunch, hospital waiting-room style.