God Has Sustained His Life

Ali gleamed with happiness as he excitedly started the engine of the little red car in the electrocardiogram room. He was so excited that we could not get a blood pressure reading on him. He was dancing and would not stay still enough for the monitor to obtain an accurate measurement (or a still photo).

Ali had an echocardiogram test today. To his mother’s surprise, the fluid surrounding his heart had decreased. The doctor was pleased with the results. The plan is to slowly decrease the medications that he is on and monitor for a decrease in the amount of fluid around his heart. Ali’s mother was so thankful to hear the news that her son was improving.

Ali has a very complicated heart, but we are so thankful to God for sustaining his life. Every day is truly a blessing from God. Despite all the complexities and intricacies of his heart, God knows his heart. God created Ali so intricately and wonderfully, and fearfully in his image. God has an amazing plan for Ali, and my prayer is that Ali will grow to know and love God.