God has touched his body

Today when I visited Mir, I was so happy to be able to hold him in my arms again. I had not seen him for a week–what a relief to see his improvement. His eyes are following objects, he can grab things and he has a good holding grip. His cries are less intensive and Mom can comfort him. It’s a miracle to see how God has touched his body.

There are still some concerns and we would value your prayers for it. Mir has a necrotic spot on his tummy where he had an draining tube in. They are cleaning and dressing it daily. Mom is concerned about it. He has a stenosis in the upper vein what cause some swelling in his head. They haven’t decided yet what to do about this. We pray that no surgical intervention is needed but that God will do a miracle to loosen up the upper vein.

Mom was happy to see us. She is so committed to look after her special boy. Her loving touch will improve his healing process.