God is good

This morning I came with coworker Bjorn to Sheba Hospital and went straight to Rahma’s room. Rahma’s mother was trying to calm her baby down. Rahma was very hungry because she needed to fast for the surgery. After waiting for a while, the surgeon came and explained to Rahma’s mother what he will do in surgery. Then, Rahma was taken to the OR. Her mother kissed her goodbye and didn’t seem nervous at all. Half the time she was walking around to get some things from the supermarket and she was alone in her room a lot to call with her family. After 4,5 hours, the surgeon came to the waiting room and said that everything went well. He was able to switch the great arteries without any complications!

Thank God Rahma is doing well! If Rahma remains stable, she will be extubated soon.

God is good!