God is looking after him…

Last night, Lawi’s dad asked which friends were going to be going with Lawi to the hospital. I’m thinking the title of the day as a whole should be “the day of the Fathers”, as Lawi went with his father accompanied by me and my father! My parents are visiting and so they have just met lovely Lawi this week for the first time. So, together we began the day. Lawi was quite excited and had chosen a great pair of sunglasses to accessorise his already very stylish outfit.

Lawi was scheduled for a heart and a brain MRI. The brain MRI additionally was requested as some months previously he and his family had been in a fairly major car accident on their way to the doctor in Kurdistan. Since then, Lawi has experienced headaches and nausea, and so the doctors had looked kindly on Lawi’s situation and agreed that an MRI for the brain would be a good idea for him, if it was possible to get this booked in the reasonably near future, although the cardiac MRI was much more of a priority.

Already there had been a bit of a mix up with the appointment. We were expecting to have the cardiac MRI last week, and at the last minute, we found out that it was actually the brain MRI. So this was reorganised, so that Lawi could have both the brain and the cardiac MRI under the same anaesthesia today. The admission seemed to go quite smoothly for Lawi, until one of the technicians came to say that this today was just an MRI for the heart. He explained there was no referral for the brain, and no letter from any doctor, so it would not be possible to do this today. I spoke with many other staff members and doctors, all of who confirmed that unfortunately it was not possible to do both MRIs today, and further to there being no referral, they also were unable to organise the two to be done together. I prayed for favour and waited for what would happen next and felt quite peaceful.

The next person who came to talk to us was the radiographer. I explained again about Lawi’s history and his condition. God opened the door and the radiographer agreed, amongst many many details, that Lawi would be having an MRI for his brain and his heart today. I felt quite triumphant about the outcome here and joyful as I confirmed to Lawi’s dad, it’s 2 MRIs, that God had provided, where the situation was told to me to be impossible…. Nothing is impossible for God… So as Lawi spent many hours inside the MRI, we had an enjoyable time chatting with his father and drinking coffee. He is a really kind hearted man, and it was nice to spend time all together.

Sweet Lawi was really sleepy even after he had woken up from the sedation, and after we got home this afternoon, I think he’s already gone straight back to sleep. Please pray for this very very lovely family, and particularly that God will continue to pour out his favour over his life.