God Keeps His Eye on Her

Dleza is a beautiful girl with an amazing heart, and for me it’s so difficult to see her sad, in pain and weak. She was in our house around one month waiting for her surgery and she was so special, happy, and had so much love for our children. She said that she misses us a lot, and she does not want to be at the hospital anymore. But for now she needs to be there. I’m so thankful to God for her brother who really loves her, and is so patient. He asks the doctors about Dleza’s condition and also tries to encourage her. I know sometimes it’s so difficult to be far away from family, and even more so when we are going through a really difficult time. A time when we can not see the end. But God is always there!

When I went into the hospital I saw her brother and he told me that Dleza is not doing well – she is so sad and crying a lot. When I went to visit her she gave me a big smile, but I could see that she was not well. The doctor was getting everything ready to take her for a chest x-ray and an abdominal ultrasound. When the time came to perform the tests, she was really in pain and she cried. She still has liquid in her lungs and in her abdomen, and a fever almost at some point every day. The doctors don’t know why this is happening – all of the blood tests and cultures are normal. They started some medication to help. They also told me that they know our beautiful Dleza wants to go back to our Shevet home and leave the hospital, but they can only do this when it is going to be safe for her.

God put in my heart to spend almost all of my afternoon with her, and it was an amazing time with her and her brother. We enjoyed an amazing ice cream for free, watched some cartoon movies, and we walked and talked.  One volunteer nurse that joined us last month sent her a beautiful Bible verse:

“I have made you, and I will carry you, I will sustain you, and I will rescue you.” Isaiah 46:4

And I declare that God made her, and God keeps his eye on her because she is his princess. Please pray for complete healing in her body, and also that this can be fulfilled with an inexplicable peace and joy that only our God can give. Please pray also for the doctors to find the reason for her symptoms so they can treat her.