God knows the plans

Mahmoud had a catheterisation today. The plan was to place a stent in his heart which would keep a small hole open. Then, despite the many defects of his heart-anatomy, his blood flow around the body would have some oxygen in it. Ideally this would be a temporary situation for him and he could possibly return to his family before coming back for a surgery to fix the heart.

We found out that the cath did not go according to plan. It wasn’t possible for the doctors to place the stent, which means that instead, this little man will have to have his chest opened and undergo a heart surgery fairly urgently.

The grandma told me and Ruth that his heart was too small to place the stent! She was very patient and again it was lovely to be with her. She showed us her Palestinian passport and we chatted together about living in the UK, and Gaza, and also tried to explain to her about Shevet Achim. It felt very nice to spend time together, and I always think it is beautiful how God can bring these sweet moments of friendship out of difficult situations.

Please pray that God would continue to keep this baby safe and that He will provide financially also for the surgery for this lovely baby. And I also praise God for opening a nice relationship with the grandma.