God saved me

When I arrived at Sheba Hospital, Maryam had just been taken into her catheter procedure. For Maryam and her mom, this was a big moment in the course of treatment because the results of the cath will tell when the next surgery for Maryam will be. Her mom was calm but eager to know everything was okay with her little daughter.

It wasn’t a long cath, just less than two hours and in that time they opened two arteries to aid blood flow and checked that her B.T. shunt was doing well. The doctors will discuss the findings of the cath together and decide on the best course of action for Maryam.

Her mom and I prayed together¬† for God’s will to be done in Maryam’s life. He is our anchor when uncertainty threatens to overwhelm us. And on the oft repeated words of Maryam, “God saved me.”