God Silences Fear

“There won’t be a surgery today.”

This was the first update I got for Gabi this morning and it made me very sad. On our way to Sheba, we had discussed how to tackle this day regarding spending time with Gabi’s Dad during the surgery, visiting children and having today’s appointments. Even though it was a lot to deal with, we thought of a system and we were happy for Gabi to have surgery. But now? The hope of improving shattered?

I entered the room with a sad heart, but Gabi and the hope of his Dad changed my mindset. Little Gabi was sitting in his bed, in front of him, the hospital tray of food and Gabi ate very happily. But how couldn’t he? His father had made him chocolate pudding with cereals. Could a dish be any better? I started smiling at his great appetite and the joy he showed eating the food. But don’t you think you could trick this little boy into thinking there is no food left! Gabi clearly remembered that his Dad didn’t put all the cereals onto the plate and there was still pudding left. Therefore, Gabi reminded his father to mix him more. Even though it must have been disappointing to Gabi’s father that the surgery got canceled, he smiled and laughed at the smartness of his son. He also showed his thankfulness for the obvious reduction of fluids in Gabi’s body. This room wasn’t filled with a feeling of sadness and fear. It was filled with love and trust and chocolate, which is always an amazing combination. God’s spirit filled this room because where God is, there is no fear.

“Peace, bringing it all to peace
 The storm surrounding me
 Let it break at Your name
Still, call the sea to still
 The rage in me to still
 Every wave at Your name
Jesus, Jesus, You make the darkness tremble
 Jesus, Jesus, You silence fear”
Tremble, Mosaic MSC

Praise God for this amazing family and Gabi’s beautiful life. Please pray for continuing healing.