God with us 

I visited Joud and her grandma in hospital today. They are in the intensive care unit, after the operation last week. Joud’s little body is surrounded by so many machines and tubes, and at the moment, she is on a CPAP machine, as she had some breathing difficulties. It means that her head is covered by a hat and that there’s some extra tubing covering her nose, so you can’t see her face so well. Her grandma also asked that we don’t share any photos of her, until she looks better, as she doesn’t want her mother to be upset.

The holiday of Sukkot is beginning tonight and here in Israel there are sukkahs starting to appear everywhere; here is the one outside Sheba children’s hospital.

It is a special time to rejoice and remember that God brought his people out of slavery and oppression. (Leviticus 23.39-43)

Please pray this over lovely Joud, as her body fights to recover from her surgery, that God is with her, and he is a faithful rescuer and healer.