God’s gift

Adam is a seven seven-month old boy who has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Complete AV (atrioventricular) Canal (AVC). The AVC means that he has a hole between the upper and lower chambers of his heart. Because of this hole it causes more blood to travel through the lung arteries, and it is possible that his lungs can easily become congested if his heart and lungs cannot compensate for this increase in blood flow. He has not received any surgery yet, but is receiving medications to help his heart function.

Adam’s mother, Ameerah, shared how Adam was “blue” upon birth. After his birth, the doctors predicted that he would die in three hours. Adam’s mother shared how Adam is a gift from God, and I could not agree more.

During his assessment, she said “he is beautiful.”  I love how she sees her son as a beautiful gift from God. We all fell in love with Adam immediately, and are thankful to God for giving him life.
His first hospital appointment in Israel is in three days. Please pray for Adam and his whole family (including all five other brothers), as Adam starts his journey in Israel.