God’s love speaks



I always see a change in the children at the Gaza clinic. They arrive to this strange and unfamiliar place understandably quite quiet and shy. As the day goes on, shy smiles turn to laughter; fear gradually begins to melt away.

A little group of us sat in the middle of the crowded waiting room – colouring, making pipe-cleaner people and lollypop animals, designing paper planes and stacking dominos. Soon the room was filled with shouts of “طائرة” (tayira – plane) and an array of colourful artwork. To be honest, I had just as much fun as the children! They are such a huge blessing to be with; I feel so refreshed and joyful after spending time with them.

It was beautiful to see the mums smile as they watched their children get lost in the fun of the moment. I felt them relax a bit as children played and Archie handed out the food we had brought. What is it Jesus promises us? He gives us peace – not as the world gives it. The gift of his perfect love casts out fear. When I see fear disappear and joy spread among these families I know it’s not because of the colouring sheets and dominos, or even the pitta bread. It’s because God is at work in their lives. Every week I am in awe as I watch him at work.

It was lovely to chat to the mums a little bit, despite the language barrier. They are so kind and gentle, and they have a great love for their children. As I was talking to some of them, Archie spent some time getting to know the paediatric cardiologist from Gaza. They got on really well and the doctor insisted on getting a photo with Archie afterwards

Somewhere in the middle of a thousand smiles, God’s love speaks. Breaking through language and culture, borders and fears, his love cuts through. It is deep, powerful and limitless.

Please pray that God will keep moving in the lives of these families and they will know how much they are loved by him.