God’s Perfect Time

We are so happy to have Ana back with us! This time, Ana is in Israel for cleft palate surgery. Today we went to see the committee that authorizes the surgery. One of the surgeons first reactions was that Ana wasn’t ready and needed to wait 3 to 4 months to be able to have surgery – I almost cried! I told the doctor that they have already waited seven months in Kurdistan, and the recommendation given to Ana was to wait three to four months to come. To be extra safe, we had them wait seven to be sure that surgery was going to be possible. After hearing this, he asked again about Ana’s age and checked again with some special tweezers that stimulated Ana’s muscles inside her throat and he saw what he needed: the muscles are strong enough! So he said yes we can operate! So Ana will be admitted next week to have her surgery. Mom is extremely happy and so are we. Praise God for His goodness and perfect time for everything!