God’s perfect timing

Leen’s appointment was set at 11:00 today, but co-worker Nicolle and I were waiting at the Erez Border Crossing at 12:30. Many people passed through the border, but there was no sight of any mother and her three-year-old daughter.

We waited and made a few calls to the hospital to let them know that we were still waiting and would be late. We inquired about how late would they be willing to see Leen today. The answer from the hospital, communicated to coworker Georgia was, “She can come at 15:00, but not a minute after.”

It takes about an hour for us to travel from the border to the hospital. It was 13:30 and honestly, we were losing hope. We thought that God would make a way if planned, but if not, then we would still welcome her to stay with us at our Shevet coastal home.

At 13:57 we spotted Leen, and quickly traveled to the hospital to arrive at 14:59. God allowed for perfect timing, as always. God has brought Leen to Israel for a specific reason.

The cardiologist graciously saw Leen. Her heart is looking well, meaning there was a good result of the pulmonary dilation catheterization from January 2019. She is staying at the our Jaffa home tonight so she can have an eye and brain assessment, which hopefully will be tomorrow.

Praise God for the time spent with Leen. Though she is often timid and scared of new surroundings, she quickly became friends with Nicolle. She even had the opportunity to explore the beach nearby.