God’s provision on surgery day

Khader, just over one month old, went into the first surgery of his life. Based on what she had been told from the doctors, little Khader will require two further surgeries in his life to help his heart work and give him the best life possible.

He had a Norwood procedure in his operation today. It took around five hours, and although his mum was in a bright and hopeful mood at the start, after about three hours of waiting, she started to become worried and nervous.

God really blessed her (and me) with a family from the West Bank, who joined us during the time of waiting. Their baby had had a big surgery for eight hours yesterday, and sadly, he required an urgent surgery again today. So as the family flocked around these parents, their care spilled over to us, generously sharing their tea, food and conversation for the rest of the afternoon. It was a special time, and it is good to be able to leave Khader’s young mum in the hospital with more friendship and support around her.

Khader was brought out of the operating room shortly after this other baby. One of Khader’s aunties kindly¬† translated for Khader’s mother the good news that his surgery had been successful, but that they needed to keep his chest open for the next day or two to let him recover before closing the chest.

Please pray for Khader’s safe recovery, and praise God for a blessed day together.