God’s signature

Seven children had permission to come for appointments in Israel today. Despite the chaos of the crowded Wolfson waiting room, there was an underlying sense of peace, like God’s signature – written across every smile and every conversation.

“Holy is the Lord God Almighty; the Earth is filled with his glory”. The words of the song Julio had sung this morning kept going round and round in my head. My hope was for the children and their families to experience something of this incredible truth in their short time here. I felt very aware that those few hours were an opportunity for us to show something of God’s love for them.

From the first moment she arrived, Ramas didn’t stop smiling. She came to sit next to next to me with such amazing confidence and was so excited when I brought out the colouring. It was lovely to see the happiness Abear and Ramas found colouring together. Like little artists they brought the pictures to life and smiles to their mother’s faces.

Meanwhile, Lisa spent a lot of time sitting with Halima and Noor, holding these beautiful babies and talking to their mothers. It was obvious when we waved goodbye later that this time had meant a lot to them; though it was brief, their smiles spoke of their appreciation for the love we had shown.

Sitting with Nabeel, watching his shyness transform into a radiant joy, filled me with a tremendous sense of wonder and fulfilment. His eyes seemed to dance around the room as we watched the little paper aeroplane glide past his tired mother. As it hit the floor, he erupted into squeals of laughter, excitedly sending it on its return flight.

Watching nearby, Zena soon joined in the fun. Eventually tired of colouring and paper aeroplanes, we moved on to playing “bus”, using the plastic hospital chairs. Nabeel took the role of bus driver very seriously, directing us to our seats and even asking for our bus fare.

Bringing light out of darkness, healing out of pain, joy out of fear – this is the heart of God, the very essence of his character. His wax seal on the envelope of every day are these gifts, the fruits on the spirit I see him pouring out abundantly. It is so hard to see the pain these children are in. The severity of their conditions is not something you can miss. Yet we must cling to God, the anchor for our souls, trusting that he is still working for good.