Going home

This morning we brought Kenan and his mom again to Sheba hospital for another dietary appointment. Surprisingly, we saw that he was gaining weight which is very good. The doctor was still a little worried that he is not eating enough and was thinking about maybe placing an NG tube next time he comes, but first she wanted to talk to his cardiologist again.

For now Kenan is fine, he is getting grape sugar additional to his milk and he can go back to Gaza until his neurology appointment at the beginning of August.

I had a lot of fun with Kenan and his cheerful mother as we were waiting for his appointment. Kenan loved to play with me, so his mother joked that I am his mother today, and she is working for Shevet Achim. We were laughing a lot and enjoyed our time together.

Let us pray for his wonderful mother and especially for Kenan, that he will gain more weight back in Gaza!