Going home!

This morning some machines that our little Liya needed to go home with, arrived at Sheba hospital. She needs an oxygen machine and suction machine as she still has a tracheostomy and her parents also have to be able to measure her oxygen.

It took a long time until we organized all the medicine, milk and other things that our little girl needs to stay safe at home, but once everything was figured out, her mom was thrilled to finally go home! After nearly eight weeks in the hospital, I can understand her mother very well.

We will miss Liya’s mom very much during our daily visits in the hospital, as she cared always so wonderfully for us, but I’m so happy for her that she can go home. And at the same time, I’m so amazed and thankful for how well Liya is doing. I still remember very well a conversation with her doctor a couple months back when Liya just arrived for the first time at Sheba. The doctor siad she didn’t know if Liya will survive the next days, but that they will do everything for her that they can and that it is in God’s hands. And yes, Liya was and is in his hands.

Thank you God for healing Liya and for protecting her so far. Please keep her safe and bless her whole family!