Going home

Today was a long day at Sheba Hospital for Daveen.

Early this morning she had an ultrasound for her liver. This was a necessary step before having heart surgery  which should come later.

After some hours back in her room, the doctors had the good news for us that Daveen can get discharged today. Daveen was very happy about it and even though she probably didn’t completely understand what was going on, she took my bag and had fun carrying it around.

In the afternoon, Daveen was given another blood test to do some genetic screening. When we finally had her discharge report in hand, we were able to leave the hospital. Daveen and her mother were very happy about it and we are glad to have them back in our community house for this necessary season.

Daveen also still needs a CT scan before she can have her surgery.  We pray the CT and surgery will happen soon.