Going Home!

I’m really happy to see Lana with a beautiful color in her lips and in her skin. It’s really amazing to see this girl active, happy, and more interactive with us and the others kids in our home. I’m sure that she is going to miss us and also we are going to miss her.

In the morning we went for a blood test and afterward we went for her second echo after her discharge for the hospital. Mom had a lot of questions for the doctor, and she seemed anxious. But finally the doctor saw her, checked her, and he was really happy with the echo’s result – the surgery was successful. Lana’s heart is really complex, as she only has one ventricle, and praise the Lord her blood test also was good. She can go home!

She will still need frequent follow-ups with a doctor in Kurdistan along with blood tests and she is going to need her medication for some months. But the doctor said that the surgery was done at the right moment, because if this had been later maybe the result would not have been as good. Mom and Lana were a little sad because they said that they are going to miss us a lot.

Please pray for them for a good flight back home and also for God to continue unfolding his perfect plan for Lana’s life. May she can continue seeing miracles in her life and in her family.