Going home


Our beautiful Daryan is on his way home, accompanied by his wonderful mother. He had spent three months at Shevet Achim and has become a part of all our hearts. As I made his Farewell DVD I saw the immense change Daryan went through in his time here. Daryan arrived as a very shy and introverted boy. He hated medical procedures and made that very clear to the nurses as they tried to take his vitals. During his journey with us, he opened up more and more. Now we are saying goodbye to this smiling and beautiful young boy.

Daryan has developed a wonderful personality, and also a love for all of the staff. However, he is still not very happy about medical procedures. Adding to that, he found strength that made him able to go through several Echos and a huge surgery. It was beautiful to witness his healing process since he showed a big change after recovering from his surgery. Even though we had seen Daryan smile before the surgery, it was nothing in comparison to the smiling and happy boy he turned into after the problem was dealt with.

He connected more with the other kids and built new friendships for example with Rovar. .It was not only Daryan that stole our heart. His mum did as well. Her beautiful spirit and of course her amazing cakes will be deeply missed. The love she poured into each one of us and Daryan is both impressive and touching. Even though she did feel sick sometimes, she got up and gave all her energy into the care for others. There was nothing that she wouldn’t have done for her son. My prayer is that both of them will have a beautiful reunion with their families and that Daryan will grow up to the beautiful young man God designed him to be.