Going home smiling

After a beautiful farewell party yesterday evening, we had to say goodbye to our little boy Ahmed and his mother today. She was waiting a week with us here after Ahmed was discharged from the hospital as she didn’t want to fly home alone and so we were happy to send her home with two other kurdish moms today.

The one thing that everyone recognized as very special was his smile. I’ll never forget how he was still so happy and smiling even in the night when coworker Bria and I had to bring him to the ER and he wasn’t doing well. It’s also amazing to see where he got his personality from: his mother is as joyful and happy as he is.

Always a smile in her face and joking with us she made us laugh very often. We’ll miss both of them a lot and at the same time we are so happy for them to finally go home to their family as Ahmed’s mom was missing her other kids a lot.

She was probably the mom who was the most excited to go home that I ever met as she was dancing and singing in the car all the way to the airport.

Ahmed is healed and probably won’t need surgery anymore in his life and to see this after the night where his oxygen dropped is so amazing and gives so much hope. Thank you for praying faithfully for Ahmed and his mom! And thank you for praying for their time back home now!