Going Out With Joy

Hani and her father returned to Kurdistan today! Father and daughter were such a beautiful source of joy at Shevet during their time here. They will be greatly missed! Hani’s father has a quiet, humble spirit which mixed so well with Hani’s consistent giving and helping. We celebrated our love for the family yesterday with a party.


We brought a large group of people down the street for a meal near the beach. We had the opportunity to sing worship songs, with a special request from Hani, along with gift-giving. Hani’s father also joined in some sports of volleyball and soccer before we ate bryani and cake.


Hani traveled with Jabali and Nila and as we were talking the parents through the travel process before departing to the airport and also during our check-in at Ben Gurion airport, Hani and her dad were taking care to ensure they were ready to lead the group home. Everything went well at the airport and Hani and her dad will soon be reunited with Hani’s mom, three sisters, and brother. Father and daughter waved until the last minute saying their thanks again and again.


Over the coming weeks, months, and years we pray for Hani to catch up some on her physical growth now with her healed heart and pray for her beautiful attitude to continue as she grows older. Praise the Lord for the miracle of bringing Hani to Israel and her repaired heart!