Going shopping together

Just before the beginning of Shabbat, our new coworker Lea and I went together with Mohammed for some small shopping since we needed a few things for our Shabbat evening dinner. Mohammed usually doesn’t like to go outside so much, so we always have to motivate him to do something. And since he wanted some cookies, he was fine with going with us to the markets and getting them himself. At the end, his mother was smiling brightly at him when we came home as she was also really happy to see him outside of the house.

Please continue to pray for Mohammed, that he would find the motivation to be outside of the house and to be more active. Thank God, he is doing really well since he got discharged from hospital the last time. His next echo is only in February next year, so he and his mother will have a long time spending in our house. Hopefully, we can take them somewhere once in a while during our wait for the echo.