Good bye

Today was a big day for cute little Ibrahim and his lovely mother, as they are finally flying back to Kurdistan.

After three months of many appointments, surgeries and a lot of waiting time in the Sheba Medical Center, Ibrahim and his mother are really happy to go back home to their family.

Coworker Joanne and I drove this morning together with them to the airport and said a final goodbye to them.

Yesterday evening we had a big farewell Party with a nice dinner and cake. All of us workers, visitors and the mothers with the children looked back together to the last month with pictures of their time with Shevet Achim. We spent a really nice last evening together and the mother of Ibrahim said that we are like a family for her and that she is going to miss us. We are missing her too.

The time with Ibrahim and his mother was wonderful.  Ibrahim’s mom was one of the first mothers I met here in Israel when I arrived. She welcomed us directly with open arms. She was always positive, optimistic and full of hope, even if she was experiencing harder times. She is such a wonderful, strong woman and mother. She cared every second about her son and helped him wherever she could.

Ibrahim is such a beautiful, cute little guy, always smiling. I’ve loved to see how the time here helped him and how he is doing so well now. He was always so peaceful and a really calm baby. I’m really thankful for the time I was able to spend with him too.

We are all very happy for them that they can go back to Kurdistan and that everything is good now. They will be forever in my heart and I will never forget them.

Please pray that everything is going well with the flight back to Kurdistan and for blessings for Ibrahim, his mother and the whole family.