Good bye Ahmed

Today was our farewell party for Ahmed. There was a nice atmosphere and everyone enjoyed it. We decorated the room, ate a cake, watched a video with pictures of Ahmed, sang and shared our thoughts, wishes and blessings with Ahmed and his mother. Ahmed’s mom was very emotional and mentioned that we were like a family to her. We are very happy to hear that and feel very honored. Also, we are very happy for their departure and reuniting with family very soon, after almost three months.

It was my first time driving a family to the airport. When Ahmed and his mother left, almost every mom who lived with her in the Shevet house, escorted her to the car.

It‘s very nice to see that the moms are making friends here with each other.

When we arrived at the airport, everything went well, but sadly the flight has been delay and Ahmed and his mother had to wait many hours in the airport Ben Gurion.

It was a nice experience bringing her to the airport and seeing so much gratefulness in her eyes, grateful for this whole time in Israel with Shevet Achim.