Good bye Mir

After only a short time with us here in Ashdod, Mir has been unexpectedly discharged back home to Kurdistan.

With the information gathered during Mir’s testing the doctors have found Mir to have a far less serious cardiac condition. In Kurdistan, Mir was diagnosed to only have one functioning ventricle, so we are very pleased that this is not the case. This means he does not need such an urgent, risky surgery. God willing, Mir can continue to grow healthily and happily until he is bigger, then the medical staff will plan for him to undergo a different surgery.

Mir’s mother had mixed emotions of gladness for the less serious condition, confusion of how this could have happened and uncertainty of what this means for Mir’s future. Mir and his mother’s last meal was on the 4th of July, so we celebrated with them, encouraged Mir’s mother with fond memories of their time here and qualities of their characters. We even had a few sparklers!

The next morning we drove them to the Jordan border, and trust they are now safely back celebrating in Kurdistan with their family. Goodbye Mir, we hope to see you again!