Good bye Yad

Today little Yad and his mother went back to Kurdistan. After almost three and a half months, one surgery, one catheterization and a lot of waiting within the walls of Sheba Children’s Hospital, Yad and especially his mother are very happy to be able to go home to their family.

The last three months have been very great with them. It was incredible to watch Yad learning more and more how to walk and talk. It has been a lot of fun doing life with him in our community house.

I am also very thankful that I had the opportunity to get to know Yad’s mother who has become a very good friend and sister to us. She is a very strong and powerful woman and always has a smile on her face. It is pretty great and also really sad to see them going now as they became very important to me. They will always be in all our hearts. We all love them very much and they definitely will be missed.

Please pray for protection and blessing over them as they return to their family in Kurdistan.