Good echo; discharge soon

Mizgeen had an echo at Sheba Medical Center this morning to evaluate the condition of his heart after his surgery last week.

The cardiologist said everything looks good and there are no major problems. He would like the contractions of Mizgeen’s heart to be a bit stronger, so he’s increasing one of his medications.
Mizgeen will likely be discharged as soon as his INR test is within a good range.

Mizgeen continues to be the only child I’ve ever known to really love echoes. He was so excited to show me the images of his heart on the screen, and enjoyed some rest on the examination table, which he says is “so, so nice.”

After the echo, co-worker Rachel and I enjoyed lunch with Mizgeen and his mom along with another Kurdish mother whose child is also in hospital.

Mizgeen, as always, kept us laughing with his big personality and endless supply of energy.

Thank God for Mizgeen’s recovery, and we look forward to bringing him to our guesthouse in Jerusalem soon.