Good echo, pulmonologist appointment needed

Today, coworker Joanne and I picked up a very happy Mohaned and his mother at Erez Border Crossing. Mohaned was smiling the whole drive, including every time I turned around to look back at him.

During his echo, Mohaned was very skeptical and screaming a lot. When it was done, his mother gave him some crackers and he was happy again.

The doctor looked at the echo and the ECG, which showed that Mohaned’s heart is in a generally good condition. But his right lung doesn’t look very good. So, we organized a pulmonology appointment for tomorrow. Mohaned and his mother will stay over night in our home in Ashdod for this appointment.

Each time I’m in the echo room with a child, I’m impressed by the methods used by mothers in calming down their children.

Especially with Mohaned’s mother, I was impressed. She was so loving and patient while at his side and gave him comfort, so he finally really stopped crying.

I’m sure we will enjoy the short time with cute Mohaned and his lovely mother in Ashdod. Hopefully his pulmonologist follow-up tomorrow will go well and they can help him. Thank you for your prayers.