Good, good

When I visited Niyan this morning, the nurses were getting ready for a big step– moving her out of bed for the first time since her surgeries! They helped her settle into a chair to eat breakfast, and her favorite nurse braided her hair into pigtails with bright-colored hairbands.

I sat with Niyan and her dad for a while, and I was surprised to hear her talk out loud instead of whisper! She kept saying something to me and I couldn’t figure out what it was in Kurdish until she gave me a thumbs up and a little smile and I realized she was saying, “Good, good!” in English. She’s still not feeling very well but definitely better than a few days ago!

The doctors are slowly decreasing Niyan’s breathing support and letting her breathe on her own. This morning she was only getting oxygen support through a nasal cannula, but after a while they put her bipap machine mask back on to let her rest a little. She doesn’t like the mask and gets pretty sad whenever she has to wear it, so her dad is hoping she won’t need it for much longer. Please pray that her lungs will get stronger quickly so she can breathe easier.