Good heart but not feeling well

Today we picked up Mohammed and his mother from The Erez Border Crossing, to bring Mohammed to Sheba Hospital for a follow-up appointment.

The doctor was very friendly and took a lot of time to examine him. Through the ECG, Echo and X-ray, the doctor said everything is okay in his opinion and he is content with Mohammed’s Condition, which is by the way, the same condition as Mohammed’s last check-up.

The only problem is that Mohammed is complaining about not feeling well and often being very tired. The doctor could not find the reason for this and will discuss Mohammed’s case on Wednesday at the meeting with the other cardiologists. The next examination will be in three months if the doctor decides nothing else on Wednesday.

Again, I‘m always grateful and impressed by how much the doctors care for every single child in Sheba Hospital. During Mohammed’s appointment for example, at one point, there were three doctors in the room to talk about the result of Mohammed’s echo.

Please pray that the doctors discover the reason for Mohammed’s complaints.